“A Separation”, watching an Iranian movie

Leggendo su Google Reader i miei feeds, ho trovato questo interessante articolo:

A separation, Asghar FarhadiI must confess that I rarely watch movies at the cinema, because I rarely watch movies in general, even if I do not have anything against movies. And to support this statement, I can tell you that I have not anything against books, but, nevertheless, I rarely read books. I could provide many motivations for such idiosyncrasies, ranging from the most straightforward to the most abstruse ones. But since not always more complex means closer to reality, I think that laziness could be fair enough, as a first tentative explanation.

What I tried to state, despite in a rather implicit manner, is that when I decide to watch a movie at the cinema, I have a double approach to it. On one side, since I sit in front of the big screen just a few times per year, I do not have great expectations concerning the movie, regardless of the rumours about it. On the other hand, because of the same reason, I place great hopes in the movie.

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